200 word line of enquiry workshop

“You will prepare a short illustrated talk that investigates the working practices of your given practitioner in relation to a particular theme.”

So out of the hat I happened to pick the photographer Larry Burrows.

1st Draft:

Why is Larry Burrows photography so significant and enduring? In particular his photo essay, “One Ride With Yankee Papa 13.”

An investigation into how Burrows photography is so influential, especially his “Yankee Papa 13” body of work, and how his persistent personality creates his admired reputation…

Mandatory Context

A brief introduction to Burrows and his photography with understanding and appreciation of such a respected photographer. Contextual information describing his photo essay: Yankee Papa 13 body of work.

Detailed deconstruction

Why is “Yankee Papa 13” so significant to not only Burrows but the Vietnam was, maybe even the whole ‘title’ of war? Who and why was it so well received by? Are there any interesting connections to his other bodies of work, or any other photographers working at the same time? Why is his work so enduring?

Influences/views/personal level

Highlight how influential Burrows was to people around him at the time and to photographers who will always look up to him- use found views to back up/evidence. Is there any photography work/ photographers he has influenced? Describe how Burrows photographed on such a personal level- adds to the significance of his work and achieves emotion.

Conclusion/ review question

Return to question, attempt to creates answer or possible answers. Is there any support/evidence? Have i come across anything unresolved? Explain why is so. Use views, quotes, books and photographs to evidence line of questioning.