Darkroom workshops and initial practicing

So, my first week at Coventry University (scary!) was packed with workshops introducing us to all the equipment on offer. The week was mainly taken up with film/darkroom workshops as our following assignments up until christmas are to be completed using only film.   The first sketchbook task we were set was named: ‘Greater than the whole – produce a cumulative portrait of a structure that cannot be readily portrayed in its entirety with one single frame’ (To be photographed using RB6 or 7) RB67 and RB7 are two medium format film cameras available for us to loan. We were given instructions on how to use these cool cameras (never seen medium format cameras in real life before now) and then we set off photographing our ideas for the sketchbook task. IMG_6058

<- Here is a picture of the RB67 camera I used for the task

‘Greater than the Whole’

So, I photographed this interesting building, found in Coventry universities campus, which I think is some kind of science/business building. I thought the building as a whole looked interesting due to the architecture outside of the windows. Much better choice than the Cathedral which of course most people photographed. (These prints are scanned on my printer using a scanning software which is why they have their trade watermark on them.) Scan-141113-0009   Unfortunately I lost my test strip for the contact sheet. However this was produced in 12 seconds, 2 stops down from the brightest on the enlarger. I think the images as a whole look slightly too grey and flat which is probably due to the dull day (hopefully no fault of my own, although this is my first medium format shoot ever.)   Scan-141113-0012I chose this image from the contact sheet as it is the most interesting and well composed shot. As seen above is my test strip for the print. Each section is exposed for 3 seconds, with the last section totalling 15 seconds. Scan-141113-0010     After producing the print, I decided it has turned out slightly on the darker side being over exposed. Therefore below I have exposed the print for a shorter time of 7 seconds in order to achieve that bit more detail in the darker areas. Scan-141113-0011 Overall, I am pleased with my first medium format shoot. I feel that I chose a good structure which had so many interesting points that it couldn’t be portrayed in just one picture. If this were to be more than just a practice using the cameras then I would have to go back on a brighter day to shoot again in order to achieve better tonal images and with more contrast.