Homage to a precious object

This is another sketchbook task we were set in the first couple of weeks at university. We were asked to produced a series of images which pay homage to a precious object we own. They were to be taken using an analogue camera.

Again, at first a difficult task for me as I don’t really have anything precious other than the obvious jewellery. At first I didn’t want to photography my jewellery because I knew all the other girls would be doing the same thing. When it came down to it, I did photograph my jewellery because I thought to myself… I can’t change my only precious objects just because other people have the same. So I tried to photograph them in a different way than I thought other people would. I featured my hand a lot which I think helped to make the images more personal.

Another set of photos I photographed as part of the task were portraits. I used my boyfriend as something precious to me so that in the end I would have two sets of images to pick from. I tried to photograph him in a way which made him look special to me.




<To the left are two test strips for my contact sheet of images. The first strip as you can see is too dark and I couldn’t work out how long to expose the sheet for as there weren’t many good options. Therefore I did another test strip to get a more accurate reading. Each section is exposed starting with 3 seconds-15 seconds.







<Here is my final contact sheet, I exposed the paper for 15 seconds with 0 contrast and it was 2 f-stops down from the brightest. The images together look too grey and flat, maybe I could have added contrast on the enlarger to achieve more tones in the contact sheet. It was hard to choose an exposure which would suit the two sections of images as the jewellery images generally have more overall light than the portrait ones which only have light coming through the window.


Overall, I am disappointed with both sets of images which portray special things to me. I think the portraits of my boyfriend are too cheesy, and too many of the jewellery shots are out of focus. I know this is because the camera/lens couldn’t cope with how close I wanted the objects. I think the jewellery idea was the better out of the two, it would have worked had the image not been out of focus. Yet, a positive to the portraits are that they are mainly well lit and exposed.