Summer Task- Letter to self

During the summer, I was asked to complete the second task of writing a letter to myself. Even with the help and guidelines given, I still had no idea where to begin. One day (too close to leaving for uni) I just sat down and began to write as my feelings flowed.



Dear Future self,

Right now I feel worried and scared about the whole prospect of University. I’m always questioning; What if I don’t make friends? What if the course is too hard? What if I find that I don’t enjoy university? Although I say this, most of all I’m excited for beginning a new chapter of my life. Hopefully a better and more enjoyable life than I have now.

To be honest, my expectations of university and the photography course are low due to my current pessimistic attitude. I hope this to be something I can overcome at university, for my attitude as a whole to be more optimistic. When I finally move to uni, I expect freshers week to be full of alcohol and no sleep (this will be a shock to the system after a long summer). I expect everyone to be friendly and forward. A lot of people including yourself will be out of their comfort zone, but you will all be in the same boat, and you will all hope to make the best first impressions. I am going to ‘put myself out there’ and do as much as possible in the first couple of weeks in attempt to put myself in the best position meeting new people and beginning a new life.

My main concern is not making life long friends. A big reason I am going to university is to hopefully make these friends and gain the whole independent university life experience. Sad-maybe? Of course I am going to study and do well (hopefully), but the friends are a big deal. Wanting to be a photographer, you could go about it in many ways. University is just one path to follow to become a photographer. So if this was the only reason I wanted to come to university- to gain a degree in photography then it would be pointless spending all this money as I could do an apprenticeship for free.

Throughout my journey at university, I hope to personally achieve a few important things. These being to be more confident, believe in myself, be optimistic, and most importantly be happy! If you’re happy then university is a success. If by the end of the first year you’re still not happy, then we need to re-evaluate what we’re doing. In the mean time, before we reach 2015, I hope to most importantly improve my work and skills. You’re going to be paying £9,000 a year for education from now on, so I will expect you to make the most of this. For example asking when you need help, using everything available to you and trying hard to achieve the dream you’ve always had. By 2015, I would like to hope I am settled into university life and i’m working whilst enjoying it.

By the end of university, I would love to be able to stand in front of a large group of people/crowd without being shy or embarrassed, or going bright red! I feel this would be a massive achievement for me personally to be able to do this. I know it would help so much in the future being a photographer as I will have to talk to groups of people on a daily basis, often even telling people what to do. I would hope that by this time I have a field of photography which I am most interested in and confident about enough to make a career for myself. Its no use finishing my degree not knowing which aspect of photography i’m good at and what I want to do.

Remember to stay positive!

Best wishes,