Initial ideas for Assignment 1

Exciting… our first photograph taking assignment!

Assignment 1-  which has been titled: Encountering Culture

“Are you in harmony or conflict within your social structure?”

Through a set of ten photographic pieces, we should examine the sources of pressures within society to conform or adjust our behaviour and appearance. Theme ideas/examples given were: class, age, gender, race, religious, stereotypes etc. My research should detail the development of my ideas, my practice, and any shifts in direction of the project.


So to begin thinking about ideas, I started off with a spider diagram of anything I could think of related to the question and words similar. This below is what the diagram finished up as. To be honest this assignment is so broad that you could go on making branches forever, you could basically link anything and everything to the question somehow.



Even after coming up with all these options and ideas, I still didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t want to do a cliche or stereotypical idea, I wanted to create something different to whats been done before. So I began to think further, to classify what society is, and what makes up our society as seen in the image below.



From the proposal of ‘rules of society’ came my idea of women conforming to society. The pressure many women feel to have their hair dyed to be a certain colour, rarely do women keep their natural hair anymore. Especially the older women whose hair has gone grey naturally. I thought this could be done easily enough, I could find accessible models because as I mentioned before it seems that most women have their hair dyed.