Adults dressing younger than they are

A big aspect I think of adults acting childish, is when they dress like their children. Sometimes they can get away with it and look stylish, but then other times it just looks wrong! Maybe I find it more annoying because I’m a young adult, and my mum likes to copy my dress sense too. So many parents and even grandparents like to be seen as ‘cool’ and one way they can do this is by dressing stylish. Some women should not do this! They just look awful! Rather than looking cool for the right reasons, they will get attention from people laughing at them.

“There is a popular TV show in America (based on a British show of the same name) called “What Not To Wear” which is hosted by fashion experts who each episode do a makeover of a person who is making horrible choices about their personal style and wardrobe. One of the interesting truths from this show, which occurs often in the participants, especially women, is that many women try to dress “younger” than they actually are – but this is a mistake.

When people try to dress in styles that would be more appropriate for someone much younger, they paradoxically make themselves look much older. If you are wearing short skirts or high heels or gaudy fashions that might work on a woman half your age, chances are you are making yourself look “older” (in a bad way) than you actually are. The same goes for leggings, which, while comfortable, are one of the least flattering items of clothing that women over 60 can wear.” (Sixty & Me, 2014)


“Many of us grow up with the vague notion that as we get older, our wardrobe should be changing right there along with us. We’re taught to “dress our age,” without knowing exactly what this even means. Cue Qozop, a photographer who challenges the all-mighty assumptions associated with age and ensembles in his series “Spring — Autumn.” (Huffington Post, 2014) Although this article goes against what i’m trying to get across (adults should dress their age), its interesting to read an opposite view. This photographer seems interesting in that through his work he is basically saying that age doesn’t matter, you can wear what you want at any age. I have to agree that in his photographs, all people look good no matter what their age and what their wearing. In his photos he appears to use relatives and takes one photo of the pair wearing their normal clothes, and another once they’ve swapped their clothes so that the older relative is now in ‘trendy’ attire.








The above quote relates to one of my previous blog posts comments. It seems that as well as children looking up to and copying adults, adults are now doing the same for younger women. Like I’ve said before the two group ages: children and adults are merging together to no longer form a group, the only exception may eventually be their age. Older adults are ‘measuring’ themselves against younger adults/children and are being influenced by them. As it says in the quote, this “can only be described as ridiculous…”



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