Analogue shoots

I would like to replicate similar images to these in my shoots (found on google):


I also went through my family albums at home to find childhood photographs to not only inspire me visually, but as an evidence to show what childhood is like.


Here is a quick digital shot of a practice shoot. The boy is supposed to look like a business man driving a range rover as this is a stereotypical thing to do.




For my official shoots, I mainly used the Nikon FM3. I took 2 rolls of 35mm film on this. I also used another 35mm film camera which was leant to me called a Zenit. The Nikon was a bit easier to use because it had a built in light meter so I knew that the aperture and shutter speed settings were correct. Although the Zenit had a lower aperture which was a bit better for me when shooting in dim lighting conditions in the pub. Another advantage of the Nikon was the zoom lens, the Zenit had no zoom. The zoom was especially useful when photographing the girls as they were very excitable and moved a lot, I wasn’t able to set up a shot so a zoom was good for this reason. I also used the mamiya RB67, medium format camera in order to give my work a variation and show a different approach. I wanted to be able to show that I can use the medium format camera as effectively as the 35mm.

Here are the contact sheets for my four shoots:


(3 second intervals)


 Exposed for 9 seconds, 2 stops down from the brightest light



Exposed for 6 seconds, 2 stops down from the brightest light


The top half of this contact sheet is exposed for 7 seconds, the bottom half 11 seconds. This is because I shot in two different locations: inside the pub which had little light so needed less exposure time, and outside which had plenty of light and would make good prints.


(3 second intervals, 2 stops down, 2 contrast)


Exposed for 9 seconds, 2 stops down from the brightest light. I think these images overall look slightly grey and flat but a couple of the compositions really work well, they’re humorous.

These contact sheets were the first time I saw the images really. So from each contact sheet I chose the images which I thought looked good. This was for various reasons such as the sharpness, the great exposure and the composition of the subject and framing which made a humorous image. If I can remember correctly, I chose around 36 prints all together from all the contact sheets. I printed these negatives onto small sized paper to see better what I was working with. I knew it would be easier to pick final images this way. It also meant I had a chance to practice and improve my skills in the darkroom before printing final images.

One of my contact sheets I had to print again because having one exposure time for the whole sheet didn’t work considering I had two different locations with two different lightings. So i exposed the top half of the contact sheet for 7 seconds, and the bottom for 11 seconds. This way it was easier to see the images because the exposure was better suited for the negatives.