Assignment 1 ideas taken further

With a good idea for the assignment in mind, I began to research into the way women feel pressured into dying their hair. Of course I came across many blogs written by women who have opinions on the matter of dying their hair or keeping it natural. Surprisingly I found quite a few who go against the majority of women who dye their hair, there are more women than I thought who like to embrace their natural hair, specifically women with grey hair.

These bogs and views were interesting and just what I was looking for, but I knew these were not academic resources, therefore I couldn’t base my assignment and research on this. I later found a more reliable website The Daily Mail Online which was most useful in giving me data about women dying their hair. For example:

“One in six women have dyed their hair for so long they no longer remember their natural shade.”

“More than a quarter, 28%, have their hair ‘coloured more often than cut.”

“Only 12 per cent of the women taking part claimed that they’d never had their hair coloured.”

This study was created with 1,342 women from around the UK as part of research into the impact of beauty treatments on personal finances, this says to me it is a pretty reliable source with over 1000 women involved. Of course there are many more women in the world who haven’t had their say in this report, but 1000 is a good enough number for there to be many varied women.

“Respondents were asked: ‘Do you know what your natural hair colour is?’ to which the majority of respondents, 62 per cent said ‘yes’. A fifth, 21 per cent, said that they were ‘unsure’, but 17 per cent said that they genuinely ‘didn’t know’ as they had been ‘dying it for too long’.” (Kirkova, 2013)

This report has taught me that there is a surprisingly amount of women, 38% in fact, who can’t even remember their natural hair colour. This proves to me that women do feel pressured into dying their hair, as if they didn’t there would be a much lower percentage of women who dye their hair. As stated before “only 12 percent of the women taking part claimed that they’d never had their hair coloured” meaning that the other 88% had all dyed their hair.


Unfortunately after having a long think about the idea of exploring how women feel pressured into dying their hair for assignment 1, I suddenly thought that this would not be able to be photographed in the way that I would want it. I would want my photographs to be in colour to show the array of hair colours. I had imagined my final prints to be in the form of many head shots placed in one big frame, similar to passport sized photos. Head shots such as these I  found on (Peter Hurley, 2014)

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 12.14.28

But as I only have black and white film, and the university film developer can only process black and white film, I wouldn’t be able to complete this idea. I believe the images would look much better in colour when we’re able to see the different hair colours. Even though what I would be saying by doing this idea is that hair colour doesn’t matter so I could have done the prints in black and white to portray this thought.


Hurley, P. (2014) Leading Ladies [online] available from <; [27 November 2014]

Kirkova, D. (2013) One in six women have dyed their hair for so long they no longer remember their natural shade [online] available from <; [27 November 2014]

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