Assignment 1 New Idea!

Looking back at my initial plans and ideas for the assignment, I became interested in the relationship theme. This probably came to mind because I was thinking about something which could be easily accessible in taking photographs. I went on to think about the parent and child relationship, as earlier that day I had seen so many teenage parents around coventry that it stuck in my mind. I didn’t want my assignment to be about teenage pregnancy though because thats just a stereotypical project to do. Thats been done too many times before.

I’m not really sure how I exactly came to this decision, but I came up with the topic of how adults act like children, and how children act like adults. Maybe it stem from the teenage pregnancy idea because its like their trying to get rid of their childhood and act like adults, I’m not sure but I really like this idea.

You see adults in the street trying to be ‘cool’ to get their children to like them. They wear stylish, in trend clothing which they most likely copied from their children. Parents now understand all the young ‘slang’ words to be ‘down with’ their children. Theres many ways in which we see adults acting like children, for example being immature and childish, not dealing with their responsibilities well, not sharing, playing with children’s toys and games, getting paralytic, and many more which I will research into throughout the assignment.

We also see children trying to act like adults, which may stem from them looking up to their elders and copying them. This may not seem as bad as adults acting like children, because as I just said at this age children just copy what they think is acceptable and what they think they should do. Just simple everyday things such as wanting to copy their mum in wearing makeup, or having a boyfriend, or just hoovering the house. Theres also the more serious cases of children having to care for their disabled or incapable parents.

I know that children acting like adults and adults acting like children is not a big problem in our society, maybe its not a problem at all, but its still there as something which happens in our society. I want to exaggerate this and make humorous images for my assignment. I like this idea because its something different, i’ve not really seen it be done before (although i’m sure it has as everything has been done before.)