Assignment 1 Photographers research

After finally coming up with a final plan/ title of the assignment, the first photographer who came to mind was Martin Parr. Parr is famously known for his humorous, exaggerated and sometimes grotesque photographs. His photographs feature bright colour and this is a big feature of his work. Although I won’t be using colour in my work, the photographs I plan to take will be similar to Parr’s in the sense that I am going to exaggerate and pose my models to create humour. I am also influenced by his work being original and entertaining, accessible and understandable, these are all things I hope my work to be.

Here are a couple of my favourite, humorous photographs of Parr’s:

Martin Parr, Couple showering Copacabana Beach (2007)                       Martin Parr, British Tabloid, Beach Scene (1991)



A photographer I happened to come across on Google, named Zack Seckler also has intriguing, inspiring photographs of humour.

© 2014 Zack Seckler



Sally Mann, one of America’s most renown photographers, and worldwide, has photographed “subjects observed with an ardor that is all but indistinguishable from love.” Her body of work entitled ‘Family Pictures’ is in some ways similar to what I plan to photograph as she features her children, who in some images are made to look older than they are.

In Mann’s body of work ‘Family Pictures’, “Many explore typical childhood themes (skinny dipping, reading the funnies, dressing up, vamping, napping, playing board games) but others touch on darker themes such as insecurity, loneliness, injury, sexuality and death. The controversy on its release was intense, including accusations of child pornography (both in America and abroad.” Pornography is something which is only for adults, yet her children are part of this which in some ways makes her children look older than they are. Even the way she models the children, their posing makes them act and look older. See below for some images in which she has portrayed her children to look or act older:

“Virginia at Four” (1989)                                “Immediate Family” (1992)



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