Assignment 1 Visuals

Assignment final idea= How strangely, adults are becoming more like children and vice versus. I am going to experiment into exaggerating how adults can act like children, and children try to act like adults.


To get the ball rolling quickly (not much time left before deadline) I have thought of some visual shot ideas for the assignment. I felt like this would get me moving quicker and I would understand more what i’m trying to do, say and create by the assignment.

Adults acting like children:

  1. Group of old men in the pub drinking juice and reading cartoons
  2. Man/or woman on the swings
  3. Man/or woman riding bike or tricycle
  4. Man/or woman wearing pyjamas with their teddybear
  5. Man/or woman playing leap frog >>> think about blur!
  6. Group of adults dressed as famous band?
  7. Old man dressed as chav?> although not a child similarity, more of a teenager.


Children trying to act like adults:

  1. Child drinking tea out of mug and saucer
  2. Child reading business paper
  3. Young girl wearing heels too big for her
  4. Young girl trying to put on makeup, preferably lipstick
  5. Boy dressed like Granddad
  6. Boy drowned in suit too big driving toy Range Rover car acting like business man
  7. Girl looks like famous/sophisticated lady on grand piano