One to One Review Progress

After talking to Matt (my primary lecturer) it was highlighted to me that I clearly haven’t done enough research so far. I need to think about the effect of the subject i’m exploring on society. I also need to think about why i’ve chosen to do this for my assignment.

A big, worrying statement Matt brought to mind was; do adults really act like children? Because the way Matt portrayed it (maybe just his opinion or not, but I need to research into this) is that he thinks they don’t act like children. They just sometimes play piggybacks etc when drunk.

I’m not saying by doing this for my project that I think adults do act like children, I’m just exaggerating what I sometimes see and hear. It’s also come to my attention after only brief research that the adult/child boundary is morphing together slowly, maybe soon we won’t be able to tell the difference, with the only exception of age.

A positive to come out of my chat with Matt was him telling me that my assignment may turn out to be good visually (as I have lots of ideas when it comes to this) although needs the backing behind it to be good as a whole. He told me to think about it being 50% visual and 50% research (even though these aren’t the real percentages.) This is the way it has always been for me; I’m good at taking the photos, but when it comes down to talking about them then I begin to struggle.