Darkroom Day 2

Again i’ve spent the WHOLE day today in the darkroom. The day started off well. Having completed printing the images I like from all my contact sheets yesterday, I was able to choose my final images. Here are my final images: IMG_6569 (Still haven’t chosen which print I prefer in the bottom left hand corner. These are the final images after I changed the sizing.)     How did I choose them? Well I began with placing all my prints on the table spread out so I was able to see them all in front of me. I placed the images in two groups; adults and children. I then chose what I thought were the stronger images from each section whilst thinking about focus, humour and how well they would work with the group together as final images.   So obviously after choosing my final prints, I progressed on to actually printing them in the darkroom. After advice from a couple of my lecturers I decided I would go with my idea of putting my final prints into a box. But an even better idea, to back these small prints up with card so that they act/or remind us of children’s flashcards. This will add to and support the humour of my prints hopefully.   BAD LUCK STRIKES AGAIN. After nearly printing all my final images, I came to print my medium format negative and realised that the print wouldn’t go as small as I wanted it to, to match the size of the other prints. This left me with a big dilemma, let alone it being very annoying! We tried many things in the darkroom to try to get the print to go smaller such as changing lenses, but we just couldn’t get the print small enough. So I was left with the choice to either print again in a bigger size suited to the medium format print, or to cheat with the medium format and scan in the negative and print it digitally. The problem I faced though was that if I printed again in a bigger size, they would not be like the children’s flashcards as I had planned, they would be too big. But I can’t cheat either? Being the perfectionist I am, I decided to go with the first option and print all my final images again. This set me back a day in my working.   I have scanned a few of my negatives in the Nikon 9000 to show that I know how to use it. It would have probably been better if I had scanned my negatives before creating loads of prints and wasting paper. This way I could have seen the images well enough for me to choose final prints. Although the downside to this is that its very time consuming.

35mm negative                                                                                                     120mm (medium format) negative

I was interested to see what this negative would                                                     I scanned this particular medium format negative turn

out like digitally because I really like                                                                       because I was interested to see how sharp it actually is.

the composition, but as a print its just too dark                                                    As you can see though, it has a shallow depth of field

and doesn’t match the other final prints contrast.                                                 with only the feet in focus. I knew that I wouldn’t

                                                                                                                            choose this negative after seeing it in the contact sheet

  because its not humorous and fun when the expression

on her face is that boring, she should be happy and

smiling like a child.