Presentation of Final Images

As mentioned before I have decided that I will present my final images as flash cards in a box. I will still present them this way even though the prints have turned out bigger than I first imagined, but hopefully it will still work the same way. I will also back the prints up with card so that they’re not flimsy and would look good on their own. I am going to write an introduction to my work in the front of the box so that the audience have a knowledge, an understanding and can appreciate my work with some context known.

“Adults acting like children. Children acting like adults.

Through this body of work, I have explored why and how in our society adults act like children, and children act like adults. I have portrayed this visual through my humorous, exaggerated and posed photographic images. My prints are presented in this box as a similarity to children’s flashcards, hopefully adding to the humour of my body of work and the childish nature.

Usually with age, comes responsibility and maturity, but that doesn’t seem the case anymore. What is happening to our society?”


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Below are my final images as they would be paired together (the top print paired with the print below it) The bottom landscape print doesn’t have a pair but is still suited to the body of work. I didn’t want to constraint myself too much when pairing, they are just rough ideas. The text piece at the bottom is my audience knowledge which will be placed at the top of my box. I decided to add the print second to left, which is darker than the rest of my prints (which is a negative downfall) because even though it is technically worse than the others, it fits in well with the body of work being humorous and works well with its pair of the old men reading the cartoon. The body of work would miss the print if I were to take it out. IMG_6600