The adultlike child and the childlike adult BOOK

The adultlike child and the childlike adults: socialisation in an electronic age
Meyrowitz, Joshua
Daedalus, Summer, 1984, Vol.113, p.19(29)
This book is amazing! Just what i’ve been looking for all along! It says exactly the way I’m thinking! Now I can prove that what I’m thinking isn’t just my view, its there in the book!
Meyrowitz states “Children today seem less “childlike.” They speak more like adults, dress more like adults, and behave more like adults than they used to. We might call this trend the “end of childhood”.” This suggests children are growing up much quicker than they used to, they’re reaching the adult age much before they should, and much before they reach the official age of 18 when you can be classed as an adult. “Indeed, there are indications that many of the adults who have come of age within the last twenty years continue to speak, dress, and act much like overgrown children.  What seems to be happening in our culture is an overall merging of childhood and adulthood.” This is what I have been saying all along! Finally something to give me evidence! Childhood and adulthood is merging into one ‘hood’ with the only difference of their actual age. We may not be able to tell the difference visually “The inferior status conferred on children was once clearly disconcernible in the way that they were dressed- whether in knickers, sailor suits, or cartoon character T-shirts. What was significant was not what children wore but the fact that their clothing was different from that of adults.”
Again i’ve found something which i’ve mentioned before, about how parents now think its ‘cool’ to copy their children and talk their language. There used to be a difference between adults language and children’s language, but now they’re merging together as they copy one another. “Age related vocabularies and forms of language are also merging, with many slang words, phrases, obscenities, and grammatical constructions being shared across a wide spectrum of age-groups. Children are speaking more like adults and vice versa.” What has our world come to? Why are people so highly influenced by others? Why do we copy other people? Specifically why would adults want to copy children? Well I know the answer to that one, because they want to ‘fit in’ and be ‘down with’ the younger generation. Everyone has a child at heart, I have exploited this in my body of photographic pieces.



Meyrowitz, J. (1984) The adultlike child and the childlike adults: socialisation in an electronic age. Cambridge: The MIT Press

Vol. 113, No. 3, Anticipations (Summer, 1984), pp. 19-48
Published by: The MIT Press
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