Assignment topic decisions

With these two assignment ideas in mind (pressure for women to dye their hair, digital natives vs digital immigrants), I decided to make a table for the pros of each idea.

Digital Natives


Digital Immigrants

Pressure for women to dye hair



·      Plenty of studies and data evidence

·      Plenty of reliable sources: e.g. Guardian, library books, blogs, BBC



·      Ageism


·      What’s the visual?! Perhaps the native on their technology whilst immigrant doing job? E.g washing/cooking- feminism!


·      Headshot of women with dyed hair, grey hair and ginger hair.

·      White background

·      End piece= multiple printed shots (x9?) in big frame


·      Unreliable sources?-Internet


·      Can get books for visuals


·      Can find a lot of feminism research but little for pressures of hair dye


·      Cindy Sherman- Feminism ‘Film Stills’


·      Laura Mulvey- feminism


This enabled me to think more clearly about which idea would be best to choose for the assignment. Sometimes its a good idea to just begin photographing ideas you have in mind when you’re stuck on what to do, but in this case I didn’t think it would help. I had no idea what to photograph for the digital natives idea.

My idea of hair pressures has turned out to be very visual, I know exactly what I want my photographs to look like. This may be a bad idea for this assignment, as its what I did in 150mc, I had a great visual idea of what I wanted to do, yet couldn’t back it up with context and reliable research.

Where as with my other idea of digital natives versus digital immigrants, I have plenty of paths to follow regarding the context, however I have no idea what to do for the visual.

I feel as If I need to make a decision now on which topic to choose. We were given a project proposal in class to fill out, this pushed me to make my mind up. Here is the proposal:


A brief description of the project you will be carrying out, including the methodology (approach) you will adopt, and mode of presentation chosen and where the work will be located.

I have decided to do my project under the title of ownership and property. Within this I am going to explore digital natives versus digital immigrants and how they may or may not be better than the other at multi tasking. Seen as my project is based around the always evolving digital and technological age, I will be using a digital camera. I will also present my work online, with maybe another presentation method I am yet to decide.



Academic context- online and books

Quality digital camera (borrow canon 5D from loan shop)

Photoshop skills? Learn more.

Confidence is needed for finding models?



(Made a paper copy of timetable day by days, tasks to be completed)



Specify what you intend to achieve by the end of this project and try and summarise what you hope to have learnt. 

I intend to make a valid point and statement about the digital natives and immigrants in our digital age shown through a good set of digital images. I hope to have become more confident in myself after the project, and also be more confident on photoshop.