Monthly Archive: February, 2015


Whilst on a university trip to Ireland, I visited the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Here I was lucky to find a really interesting artist which relates to my assignment somewhat in a… Continue reading

First shoot

  I knew I wanted my location for all my photographs to be taken in the studio. I wanted a controlled area where I can control the lighting, and I wanted a clean… Continue reading


From previous knowledge, I know there are a couple of feminism/sexism theorists which may be useful for others to know about for my assignment. I learnt these during GCSE and A Level Media.… Continue reading

Photographers Research

The first photographer I came across which I feel relates well to my assignment is Cindy Sherman. I found her in the book Knowing Women, written by Helen Crowley and Susan Himmelweit. Featured… Continue reading

Media’s effect of pressure on Women and our society

The conformities that women feel they must abide by in our society stem mainly from the media. This has grown to be a bigger problem than many realise. It is often too easy… Continue reading

Bizarre new beauty trend!

“Thats one way to use up your hair dye! Bizarre new beauty trend sees women colouring their ARMPIT hair before sharing the results on Instagram. Women around the world are posting images of… Continue reading


I have made a survey to be completed by women whom dye their hair (so if you dye your hair please help me to complete the form, would be greatly appreciated!). <<<<<<<  … Continue reading

Everyday sexism, Ted Talk

I found this Ted Talk by Laura Bates who talks about everyday sexism towards women. I found it really interesting in that its essentially another social constraint that women abide by and don’t… Continue reading

What is feminism?

If someone were to ask me what I think feminism is, I would say it is the right for women to be equal to men, whether that be culturally, socially, economically, or personally.… Continue reading

Assignment Visual

I have an idea of what I want my photographs to look like, and how I want my finals to look. I’m always thinking more visually than critically, although I should initially have… Continue reading