Assignment topic change

With a group tutorial coming up, I decided to go to the library in attempt to assure myself on the topic i’ve chosen and begin further research using academic books. With no idea what I was looking for, I just searched for ideas, anything, even just books which appealed to me, or certain visuals. I found a couple of books of interest to me; Heads, by Alex Kayser and a book about photographers workbooks, of which motivated me slightly to begin making my own. The workbook I will make won’t be as big as those I saw in the book as I will be mainly blogging (another form of workbook), but will hopefully will still help me to organise my ideas and keep note of what I’m doing, how and why.

After having a group tutorial with module leader Anthony Luvera, my mind was opened up to more opportunities when I told him my two ideas for this assignment. He seemed to be more inclined towards my idea of women feeling pressured to dye their hair, which I was happy about because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I first had my idea for this in 150mc, which wasn’t the right time to do it because we were using  black and white film cameras. Now is the right time, I can excel myself photographing digitally and in colour, I can use the studio to get that perfect visual I imagine my photographs to look like. Anthony didn’t seem worried when I said I couldn’t find much academic context. Feminism came up in conversation which could be a big aspect to this topic and there’s plenty to research about that!

Here are my notes I took from the suggestions of Anthony and the rest of the group in our tutorial to progress with my topic:

  • Writing by Germaine Greer-Female Eunuch
  • Naomi Wolf on The Beauty Myth
  •  The pressure put upon women to contrast beauty throughout their body for the pleasure of being looked at
  • Pierre debusschere fashion photography
  • William Seldom-fashion photographer seemilngly natural and beautiful
  • Check out london college of fashion-near oxford fashion. ‘DONT STOP NOW’ exhibition
  • Look at history of hair, in relation to women and their bodies in different cultures. cover hair? wigs? shuttles?
  • Liz Wells book-photography, a critical introduction
  • Photocopy research and make notes on it!
  • Barabra Kruger-representations of women
  • Other portrait and studio photography

With a new idea in mind, I’m going to go back to the library and look again as I know what i’m looking for, and a few books have been suggested for me to look at.