Assignment Visual

I have an idea of what I want my photographs to look like, and how I want my finals to look. I’m always thinking more visually than critically, although I should initially have a good context in mind to help me to progress visually, this is something I will have to work on.

As mentioned before, I found a book in the library called Heads, by Alex Kayser, of which I really liked the look of. This book has many photographs, all very similar visually. In fact they’re nearly identical, other than the models heads being different. The photographs are perfect, almost identical to one another with the same framing, even lighting, and look.

Although Kayser’s photographs are in black and white, with a pure black background, I imagine my photographs to be in colour with a white background.[Untitled]001-2



I also have an idea of how I want my final images to be presented. I can visualise them in the frame below…

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 21.01.11

I like the idea of having a frame like this to present my images as they can all be seen at the same time. This way the viewer will be invited to compare all images together, looking at the different hair colours and to think of their own questions. It may also help to give an idea about what the body of work is about, seeing it all there in one frame.



Kayser, A. (1997) Heads. U.S: Abbeville Press Inc


Katie Hopewell-Smith (2013) Portraits [online] available from [19th February 2015]