Everyday sexism, Ted Talk

I found this Ted Talk by Laura Bates who talks about everyday sexism towards women. I found it really interesting in that its essentially another social constraint that women abide by and don’t talk about or question. Why do we as women not question the creepy things men do for female attention, such as on the video. It supports my saying in a way of the pressures women feel they have to conform to. Its just another aspect of our daily lives we don’t really think about. Yet when you do think about it, its a big problem. We shouldn’t have to have our hair or bodies a certain way, we shouldn’t allow men to treat us like they do. I think this video is great and should be spread around as it makes women (including myself) think about whats going on. Many women, including examples in Bates video, don’t think about these daily sexism acts or things we have to conform to in our society…


Ted Talk (2014) Everday sexism: Laura Bates [online] available from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhjsRjC6B8U [23rd February 2015]