I have made a survey to be completed by women whom dye their hair (so if you dye your hair please help me to complete the form, would be greatly appreciated!).

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I’m hoping this survey will help my assignment to back up my thoughts on the pressures of the media and our society on women.

These thoughts being that not enough women think about why they dye their hair and what they’re doing. This links to women looking a certain way, acting a certain way, and doing certain things because its what they think is the norm, well it is the norm because its what most other women do. But I’m asking, should it be the norm?

Another thought being that women are more pressured to be a certain way and to present a certain way due to the media and societal pressures. Media is a massive aspect and reason to the pressure women put upon themselves, the way they believe they should look due to what they see in the media. (This thought to be carried on in a following blog post.)

A smaller pressure against women compared to what it used to be is gender roles within our society. A few quick examples being colour coding- boys blue, girls pink, women should cook for their family as opposed to men working for their family, men can earn a higher wage than women in high paid jobs still.

Another thought… hair is a woman’s femininity. Its one of the first things we look at on a female. Hair is very important to a woman. Without it, do we even look female? Where is the femininity?