Becher Water Towers

Although the context of Bernd and Hilla Becher ‘Water Towers’ is in no way similar to my assignment, the visuals of the body of work is.


Each image is very similar to the next, with the only difference being the different sculpted water towers. “the photographs are usually taken from the same angle, the light is evenly distributed, and the prints are identical in size.” although they “are all constructed of metal, yet they differ vastly in form”.

I will be taking inspiration from this body of work in terms of aesthetics. I like the way the images are presented as being identical in size and very similar visually. When you see the images placed together, it reinforces their beautiful sculptures and i’m sure this helps to serve what they are saying by this body of work. It would be a good idea to present my work in a similar way to the Becher Water Towers. The way they are placed makes the viewer want to compare each image to the next.



Bernd and Hilla Becher (2015) Water Towers [online] available from [1st March 2015]