Pressures on women within our society, particularly to dye their hair- Survey Results

I was hoping that I would get more responses from my survey (although thank you to anyone who did fill in the survey!), but I shall have to make do with the 42 responses I’ve got and analyse my results from that.

The first question I asked: ‘Why do you dye your hair?’, needed the respondent to create their own answers in the box.

The most popular responses, in my own words, were similar to:

I don’t like my natural hair colour

The dyed colour suits me better

To give me confidence/ feel better about my physical appearance

For a change, got bored

Hide grey hair


‘Have you ever questioned yourself as to why you dye your hair before now?’:

71.43% said they had never questioned themselves, where as 28.7% said yes they had. This evidences my thoughts in that women don’t think about dying their hair, they just do it because everyone else does. We are made to think its the norm in society.



‘How many times per year would you say you have your hair dyed?

The highest response for this, with 35.71% was Too many times!

The second highest response was Four times, with 30.95%


‘How does having your hair dyed make you feel?’ this question again required a personal response from each person doing the survey. The most popular responses in my own words were:


More confident

Different/ expressive



A few people said that they felt no different after having their hair dyed. This makes me question why they would dye their hair? Why would they spend so much money on something which doesn’t seem to phase them? An answer may be because they feel they have to dye their hair because its the norm, or another reasonable explanation is because they’re covering their grey with their natural colour so it doesn’t make much difference.


‘Who do you dye your hair for?’


This is something I am very surprised about. I thought that women dyed their hair for other people such as their husbands or friends, to fit in with everyone else doing it. Its satisfying that women dye their hair for themselves, to make them feel happier and more confident in themselves. Although I still think that the underlying reason, without women knowing or thinking about it, is because everyone else dyes their hair. I think that if the majority of people didn’t dye their hair, then the majority of people wouldn’t feel the need to either. But sadly, the majority of people do dye their hair. I am in no way saying that I think dying your hair is bad, or you shouldn’t do it, I just appreciate that women should think why after doing all this research around the topic and stereotypes similar.

This leads onto the next question in the survey:

‘Do you think that if no-one else dyed their hair, you wouldn’t feel the need to either?’

This question had very mixed responses. 14.29% said yes, 54.76% said no, and 30.95% said maybe. The highest percentage saying no means that I am wrong in my thinking. Most people believe that if no-one else dyed their hair, they would still do it. I believe that if women had do the same research into the topic as I had, then maybe their answers would be different.


‘Do you think that women are pressured to dye their hair due to our current state of society? Meaning the need to look our best and please others at all times.’ 

The highest response 52.38%, evidencing my thoughts, was yes they agree that women are pressured.

38.10% said no.

9.52% neither, here are their reasons: “some yes to cover greys, others no they do it because they want to”, “depends on their ethics and thoughts on beauty”, “generally maybe”, “not to specifically dye their hair, just in all aspects of physical appearance”. I agree with the last comment, although its all very similar. Women are pressured in all kinds of ways to have a good physical appearance, to dye hair is just a smaller part of this.


‘Do you believe women are more pressured than men to look a certain way due to our society and media?’

A very high percent of women: 76.19% said yes!

14.29% said no

9.52% said other, they specified this response to: “I think men and women are equally pressured but women feed their own stresses over appearance more than men in general”, “I believe this is changing, men are now purchasing more “beauty” products and male identity is changing through media”, “It depends because men are also expected to look a certain way (six pack, big arms etc)”, “Both the same, like my ideal hot man is dodger but not every guy makes themselves look like him”.

I agree with the points made by the respondents, yet ultimately women are more pressured. Yes male identity is changing due to the media, and women like men to be ‘hunky’, but this is no where near as big of an issue as it is for women.


Survey conclusion

Overall, I am pleased that I got the responses I was hoping for. The responses mainly evidenced my thoughts.

To gather all the answers together, here are the thoughts on the pressures upon women in our society.

People dye their hair for many reasons, but the most popular being because they don’t like their natural hair colour, the dyed colour suits them better, to give them confidence and to feel better about their physical appearance, for a change because they got bored, or lastly to hide grey hair. Most women have never questioned themselves as to why they dye their hair. Women feel that they dye their hair too many times in the year. For women, having their hair dyed make them feel: Happier, more confident, different/ expressive, prettier and younger. Everyone dyes their hair for themselves. Most women believe that even if no-one else dyed their hair, then they would still feel the need to. Most women think they are pressured to dye their hair due to our current state of society. A very high percent of women believe that women are more pressured than men to look a certain way due to our society and media.



Pressures on women within our society, particularly to dye their hair (Survey Monkey 2015) [online] available from [6th March 2015]