Review of shoots so far

I recently had a group tutorial. Before this, I thought it would be best to decide what I am trying to say by producing this body of work. Here is a mind map I made in attempt to answer this:



For the tutorial, I also printed out my favourite images so far. As you can see on the images, I have written what doesn’t work and what I don’t like about them. In my upcoming shoots I will be improving these things. I will also have to re-shoot the models I have already used because I don’t have good enough images yet for finals. I need to ensure that when shooting, each model will look the same and each image will look the same. I will do this by having the same even lighting for each model, asking the models to wear similar white tops as this is a big problem aesthetically at the moment, and also placing the camera further back to include all the models hair. I know that when photographing models with short hair, the frame will be further back than if the model has long hair, although I can correct this in photoshop using crop. I can crop each image to look the same size.

IMG_7559 IMG_7560 IMG_7561In the photos above, I have placed the same shots together. This is so that I can see what it would look like if I were to choose the particular shot for my final presentation. I believe that the shot with hair over the models face looks the best. A positive to this is that I wouldn’t have to explain why the models face is in the image when my project is based upon hair.

For the following shoots, I will only photograph the models using two shots. A straight on headshot, and hair over the face. This is incase anything were to go wrong then I have two different shots to fall back on.