Considering Final Presentation

I have decided to present my final images in the way I had originally planned in one of my first few blog posts. This presentation method is to place my 9 final photographs (1 image from each model) in a big frame. This will make the viewer want to compare each image to the next within the frame, looking at the different hair colours. I have chosen these images to be placed in my final frame, also in this order:

I specifically chose this order of images after some consideration. I played around with the order of the images as can be seen here:

I thought it would be best to place similar coloured hair further away from one another, rather than them being in colour order because this would then seem to match a colour chart and make it more formal than I would like it to be. The frame I have chosen: Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 16.01.07 The 9 print frame will be placed portrait so as to match my photographs. I will most likely take the glass out of the frame, this is because the glass adds a more formal vibe, and also family portraits are placed in glass frames. I would like my body of work to be seen as a body of photographic work, not a family portrait. I would have liked my final images to be placed in a long, horizontal frame, although I couldn’t find one of these with enough holes in the frame, so I had to make do with this rectangle, 9 hole frame. The presentation will still be the same as what I desired with this frame, as I would like the viewer to be able to see all images at once.   As my final piece will not explain its self, I need to help the viewer understand what my work is about. I will do this through two things: one to title each image in the frame of the subjects hair colour which will aid the viewer to understand that this is what they should be looking at: the hair colour, and two by using an artists statement. My artists statement is:

This body of work is an exploration into the pressures arguably enforced upon women by our society and the media. In particular focusing on how women feel pressured to dye their hair. I have created a body of work, which demonstrates a variety of women who have dyed their hair due to this mass pressure. I would like you as the viewer, if you dye your hair, to question whether you do it for the right reasons. Do you dye it for yourself, or because you’re following societies norm?

I have titled each image in my body of work by the colour of hair dye the subject has used. I believe this will be obvious to the viewer, especially the female viewers. This titling will help the viewer to know that my body of work is focused upon womens hair colour. An artist was suggested to me by one of my lecturers; Bettina Von Zwehl, because she is known for titling her ‘subtle and unnerving” portraiture photography. Another similarity between ourselves is that she is “inspired by my fascination for the human face and human relations.” (Zwehl) She also produces the majority of her work inside, with the controlled environment of the studio. Here is one of her photographs: Profiles III no.4, Bettina von Zwehl

Profiles III no.4 by Bettina von Zwehl


Victoria and Albert Museum (2015) Photography Resident : Bettina Von Zwehl [online] available from [8th March 2015]

Picture frame:—black-132872