Final Project Proposal and Critical Evaluation


A brief description of the project you will be carrying out, including the methodology (approach) you will adopt, and mode of presentation chosen and where the work will be located.

The project I have carried out lies under the heading of Culture in the UK. Within this, I will be exploring why women feel pressured to dye their hair. To do this, I will be using digital technology. This is a must due to the control I would like when taking my images, and when editing. I will be taking my photographs in the studio in order to get my desired look to the images. This aesthetic being a clean crisp image, white background, evenly lit subject and each subject identical to the next. I will do this by asking the models to wear the same for example a white t-shirt. The final body of work would be found online on a website and for this assignments purpose in a 9 print frame. If this project had the chance for it to be bigger, allowing me more time to curate it, then I could see it being in an exhibition. With hundreds of images of women’s hair placed on each wall, in a four-wall room.



I will need a sizeable amount of academic research and context around this project, especially the topic of feminism as it is something I currently know little about. I will find this on online articles, websites and books from the university library.

An important resource to me will be a quality digital camera in order to get the crisp image I desire; therefore I will have to borrow a canon 5D from the loan shop. The loan shop will become very useful to me throughout this project; I will need to borrow items for hiring out the studio such as a tripod and the wizard triggers for the studio lighting. This will teach me the ins and outs of the online loan shop; it is something I have had little practice at yet borrowing multiple items.

I will need Photoshop skills for editing this assignment, thus I will need to learn more about the programme. This will be done in workshops during university time. A particular important skill I will need to master for this project is confidence, this is needed for finding female models to be my subject in the studio. As I will be working in the studio regularly, I will need the skills to be able to do this, in particular be more confident with the lighting. Again, this will be taught in a workshop as part of the course.



I have made a paper copy of a timetable, set out day-by-day, and tasks to be completed. The beginning date of this is Friday 16th January. I am aiming to finish my project a week before the deadline (Tuesday3rd March) so as to give myself time if anything goes wrong. It’s also good to be finished a week early so that I don’t rush my work, and it will give me time for things to be improved on in the final week. I will try my best to plan my shoots according to my timetable, however I will be relying on other people (my models) for their availability for the shoots. I will have to arrange shoots with my models well in advance in order to be able to book the studio, as I know how busy it gets. I just hope that I am not let down by availability of the models; it will be hard relying on others for my shoots to work.

In my self-directed study time, I will attempt to use this wisely to gather academic, contextual research suited to my assignment in the form of books, Internet articles and websites. I will also have allotted time at university for workshops and tutorials with my lecturers. There are also opportunities to book office hour’s appointments, where I can have an individual tutorial with a said lecturer if I have questions or need help.



Specify what you intend to achieve by the end of this project and try and summarise what you hope to have learnt. 

I intend to have curated enough research to create an understanding around the idea of women feeling pressured to dye their hair. I hope to have created a thought-provoking body of work. I aim for my audience (adults male and female), to respond in a positive manner to what may be a controversial topic due to the sexism nature, hopefully making them think more about what they do in terms of their physical appearance.

Through my body of work I would like to demonstrate the sum of women who dye their hair due to the pressures placed upon them, thus making the viewer think about if they dye their hair for the right reasons.

I intend on presenting my work in a way, which will impel the viewer to compare each image to the next in the frame, similar to ‘The Becher Towers’. It will also serve to highlight the volume of women who dye their hair.

I hope to have become more confident in myself after the project, about my ability within photography. I hope to be more confident with using Photoshop, and using the studio. I hope that after having many shoots in the studio that I will know the ins and outs.

People do not realize that the way we portray our physical selves, and the ways that we think about ourselves and others are probably brought on by society and mass media. We are secretly forced by being passive about things we don’t even realize; ultimately the underlying reason for the pressure may be the economy: consumerism. I hope that from this body of work people will take time to consider what they’re doing and why.



Critical Evaluation

When I initially chose my project: International Culture in the UK, focusing on women feeling pressured to dye their hair, I believed that I would find little academic research to Contextualise my work. After being thoroughly involved in the project, I can definitely say I was wrong. I came to do a lot of research around feminism, which fit well with the female reasoning as to why they dye their hair and where these societal and media pressures evolve.

Due to this project, I am now slightly more confident on Photoshop, although it is something I am always going to be learning more on. I am also more confident in the controlled environment of the studio, using the media loan shop equipment, it was especially great using and getting to grips with the new canon 5d mark 3. From this project, I have learnt that as a photographer it is hard to know when to stop taking photographs, technically you could go on forever always improving the body of work. My research into sexism and gender roles is something, which I have grown to be more interested in, I would like to continue down this route as I feel I have not finished photographing. I have come across many influential pieces of work and photographers, which have given me new ideas for future work.

I have generally followed my timetable set out at the beginning. Although as I predicted I was let down a few times by models which set me back in the photographing. Its a good job I set out to complete most of my tasks a week before deadline as my work ethic began to slow down towards the end.

Although I am happy with my final images, I feel that the way I have presented them, using titles being the colour of their hair, that the body of work looks slightly like a hair colour catalogue. Furthermore, I wanted to say through my work that women should not feel pressured to look or feel a certain way. I’m not sure this is conveyed by just the images on their own, even with my artist statement, the viewer is still only thinking about the colours of women’s hair. In terms of the presentation of my work I am pleased with how it looks visually, with taken inspiration from ‘The Becher Towers’, it looks good being able to see the whole body of work together.

As a whole, I am happy with my project. I think I have done a lot of research to create a context behind my work (although viewers do not know or cannot see this), which is better than I did in my last assignment. I have learnt more about feminism, the topic has become more passionate to me.