Site Specific Personal Project

For the module 266MC, Community Culture and Identity, our task is to produce a body of work that integrates our personal interests with a specific map space in Coventry. We were given a selection of different map spaces, here they are:


To help clarify our personal response, we were encouraged to research chosen sites fully before we begin the project. Thoughts to consider: using local, social and cultural history, myths and/or the landscape/geography as starting points.


  1. Final artifact/ body of work
  2. A digital copy (on disk) of final body of work
  3. Coversheet
  4. Archived blog or sketchbook, which should evidence your independent research and a url to your online space for the body of work. This should demonstrate an understanding of the online space and how the work maybe showcased differently in different spaces.
  5. Paper & digital 800 word critical analysis of your assignment


Initial Ideas

For the project we were advised to use the flexibility of the open brief as an opportunity to explore our own photographic direction (considering our future paths) and investigate an area of photography that interests us. My initial thoughts were that it was going to be hard to think of a project idea that will interest me whilst being within the parameter of said Coventry site map. Furthermore, I don’t particularly like Coventry or find it an engaging place to live.

Whilst talking to our guest Lecturer Sian McFarlene about a previous task within this module, which involved bringing in archives that meant something to us in some way or another, it was suggested that this should be my starting point for the project since I was really stuck on how I could make a project within Coventry suit my interest in fashion and portraiture photography. A couple of images I brought in from my archive were images of my Dad and myself riding. Riding has always been a hobby of mine and I love the Country. This is when it occurred to me that I could integrate all of my interests into this project somehow: horse riding, fashion and photography. I could photograph equestrian fashion. The only problem was that Coventry is a city and you do not see this fashion around let alone horse-riding. Although I knew by my surroundings that there are some green areas and parks, Coombe Abbey in particular. The next step on from here was to really research into Coventry’s history to find any kind of equestrian background before I choose a site map to work with.