Coombe Abbey Location Visit

Today I went to Coombe Abbey to see if I could find any primary research about the site, in particular any equine history. Also to check out their visitor’s centre to see if they had any kind of secondary research such as archives, and to just see the location again. I’ve been to Coombe once before when photographing a wedding so I knew my surroundings, its a beautiful place, so is the hotel.

Unfortunately it was not a useful trip… with expensive parking! Although if I hadn’t have gone, I wouldn’t have known if the Visitors centre would be any help to the project or not.

I spoke to a lovely Lady in the visitor’s reception for a long time, as she tried to look around for any books or websites she knew of that might be of help to me. Sadly none that I’d hadn’t already looked at. Although she did give me a couple of hand-outs consisting of Coombe Abbey’s general history, as seen here:


After telling the Lady that I was specifically looking for any equine history, and that I’m interested in finding evidence of the stables at Coombe, she told me that she couldn’t help me and didn’t know anyone at that moment in time who could either. I gave her my email as she was going to ask around for anything that may be of help, and incase she thought of something.