Project Proposal

­­Coventry University BA (Hons) Photography

Creative Digital Practice: 266MC                                                            


Student: Olivia Reeds




I am particularly interested in fashion and portrait photography, so I have been thinking about how I could integrate this into the project. I am considering following a similar path and theme to the archived images I presented in task six, and to research into equestrian fashion. This fashion is based on slim fitting and tight clothing to suit their practical purpose. For women, hunting attire in particular is usually very elegant and high-class, reflected in the price of the clothing. To tie in well with this, my father has just created a clothing business, based on hunting attire for every day wear so this is an added extra which could help inform my study, research wise and visually.

With this concept in mind, I began looking at the locations we have been given around Coventry to base our project in. I feel that to do my chosen theme of equestrian fashion, anywhere in Coventry is going to be difficult due to the city surroundings. You would not readily see someone dressed in equestrian fashion because it is stereotypically associated with rural surroundings. Therefore I have come up with the idea of bringing equestrian fashion to Coventry within the location of Coombe Abbey.

Although quite obviously not a direct link, there are underlying connections for Coombe Abbey in Coventry with the equestrian world having looked way back into their History. I chose this over the other locations available because I knew the theme of photography I wanted to do before the location, so I had to find a location that would fit my theme. After researching online into Coombe Abbey, I think this will have the best suited history of a type of equestrian world due to the royalty who used to own it. Royalty have always stereotypically been classy and involved in the countryside so I knew there would be a history of horses and hunting in particular.

At this stage in the assignment, I envisage the presentation of my project to be in image form, taken with a digital camera and then edited within Photoshop to look similar to a painting. I would then put the images in a golden frame, with inspiration from hunting connotations and country estates. I like the idea of my digital images being made to look like paintings as I think it will help to create more of a connection with the history of equestrian and hunting around Coombe Abbey, it will also serve as a pleasant tribute to equestrian/hunting attire. I will present the printed images in elaborate, gold frames in our group exhibition, I could also imagine them to be placed on a wall inside Coombe Abbey, and possibly be used by my Father for his clothing brand. The final digital images will also be placed on my new website I am currently setting up, with the help of Mez.

To be able to achieve my ideas for the project, I will need to do a lot of research. More so secondary research as due to the time period of 1600-1900’s being so many years ago I expect little people to know about or help me with this.





A couple of important resources available to help me research the history of equestrian fashion at Coombe Abbey are the Herbert art gallery archive, and the history room at Coombe Abbey. I’m hoping to visit these places as soon as possible to lay the contextual ground works for this project.


I will also endeavor to find primary research around the topic, forcing me to become more confident in talking to people about my work and initiating interviews. I plan to talk to hunt masters and to any people available to chat when I visit the Herbert and the history room in Coombe Abbey.

I imagine finding inspiration in the historical paintings of hunting fashion form artists such as Sir Alfred Munnings, rather than photographers as this is not a typical topic of photography.


I initially planned to create the project using a digital camera since this is my favorite mode of presentation, though I am considering trying the images out with an analogue camera too as this might suit the historic of the context better. I would want my analogue film to be in colour to show off the fashion involved, however I have never used colour film before so this would be something new to try and investigate. It would also mean I would need to make sure I completely stick to my timetable as I would have to get the film developed elsewhere, taking up important time.

Although I intend on having casual interviews with people on the topic, I will not be recording these with a sound or video device because I want my project to be purely visible and to homage the history of equestrian fashion, and also because I do not particularly enjoy these types of presentation materials.


I feel that a questionnaire will be needed to send out to general public (18+ for the reason that they are more likely to have valid, mature opinions and know of equestrian fashion) in order to gather information about the likes of equestrian fashion. I am yet to envisage what these questions should be, but they should help inform my practice.


A particular skill I am yet to have is the ability to make my own website, or anything to do with websites such as knowing coding. I will be working on this throughout the assignment, as this is one of the platforms I will be presenting my final project on.




At this time I feel that a specific timetable is not yet achievable because I don’t have a concrete plan of what I’m doing, however I have planned a rough guidance to help me along the way until it gets closer to the deadline, and a month before (beginning of February) for instance I will plan day to day working time allocated to this module.

For this module, I plan on organizing tutorials a lot more regularly than I have in the past in order to benefit myself; it is in my best interest to use surrounding help and facilities to my advantage. Tutorials will not only allow me to get feedback and continually develop my work, but will also likely help to keep me on track with workload. It will push me to keep to personal deadlines knowing that I have my work to show someone regularly.

I have built in a buffer zone to my timetable as I intend to finish my work by this point in case of anything going wrong, or things taking longer than they should. Knowing myself, I will most likely be using this time still finishing things off.


To achieve by:


11th December

– Visited Coombe Abbey, looked around location, taken initial location shots

-Visited the Herbert Art Gallery Archive in hope that I find something on the history of either/both Coombe Abbey and equestrian fashion

4th January

-Photographed local home equestrian fashion/hunting attire

-Spoken to hunts master at local hunt questioning the fashion (Think of suitable questions!)

-Find all that I can online about Coombe Abbey equestrian fashion. Blog

-Set up website

8th January

-First tutorial with Caroline. Show work, get feedback.

-Possibly ask for help from Mez Packer depending on website improvement

15th January

-Visited Coombe Abbey history room

-Taken photographs at Coombe Abbey and edited

-Second tutorial-improved on things from previous week, show new photographs

-Medium format digital workshop at uni

22nd January

-Discussed photographs taken so far, take more/improve

-Visiting lecturer at uni

5th February

-Possibly have re-visited history room if it was helpful

-Presentation strategies at uni

-Decide on images being printed, how, where?

12th February

-Workshop online platform help

-All images to be on website

-Buy frames

-Print images to go in frames

-Begin project proposal

19th February

-Formative feedback session- show work

-Complete any outstanding blog work

-Complete project proposal and critical evaluation of development of project

4th March

-Blog feedback from week before session

-HAND IN artifact 4pm




Ideally, my work would be appreciated in terms of the audience learning something new, and also literal appreciation of the equestrian fashion. The audience would be learning about this fashion and valuing the visuals of it. Therefore I intend on the work to be a tribute of equestrian fashion.

Although I know what equestrian fashion is, its uses and what it looks like, I will too be learning about the history of it.

I hope to find myself going out of my comfort zone by creating a project in a way, which I would not normally take. Looking through archives and attempting to find first hand research through possible interviews is something I would not normally do or be interested in, but I feel it will benefit this topic.

An important skill I would like to have gained after this assignment is to be able to comfortably make, design and edit my own website and to know exactly what I’m doing. If that means learning coding then that is a skill I hope to learn. This will be a big help for my future of being a photographer, to be a platform online…