Project Proposal Feedback

I had a Skype interview with my lecturer Caroline today to discuss my progress with the project so far and for feedback about assignment 2 which included my project proposal.

It has been suggested that I consider the following points:

-Look at how fashion images are put together in a magazine

-How do you put a fashion story together?

Consider what you want your story to say/do, further consider how details such as: clothing make-up and hair, location, model positioning, composition, amount of images to make the story, lighting, continuity etc will affect this.

-What even is a fashion story? 

The narrative you propose by your series of photographs, creating a ‘characteristic’, usually with the intention to advertise, promote and sell the fashion product featured.

-Should I think about creating more than 1 fashion story considering the time length of the module? YES, good idea.

-Find fashion stories and be critical-how do they work? whats involved? whats the layout? how many images are in a fashion story? Will do a whole blog post about this soon…

-WHAT IS YOUR FASHION STORY? Idea- x2 stories. Show how fashions have changed by looking into:

1. Traditional side-saddle compared to todays tight showjumping attire.

2. The traditional size of mens breeches compared to todays ‘streamline, sportswear’ look.


What to do next in terms of progressing the body of work:

Photograph initial ideas and more (be broad, get lots of angles, capture different aspects of the hunt and fashion) over Christmas holiday. Attend at least the popular Boxing Day meet a Prestwold Hall, and more if possible.