Francesca Foley Photography

I’m so happy I came across the photographer Francesca Foley!

Her personal story is pretty interesting to me:

“I have worked in the industry for over ten years as an assistant and now as a photographer. With no formal training other than a BA Hons degree in History of Film, I learnt everything I know from freelance assisting. I have been fortunate in experiencing many wonderful and diverse shoots over the years.

I started by working for a variety of advertising/fashion photographers. I then moved onto working as first assistant to the great portrait and fashion photographer, Julian Broad. Finally, I spent two years as 1st assistant to the renowned Vogue fashion photographer, Tim Walker. The wealth of experience and knowledge I gathered from them has been paramount and invaluable.”



Foley has a series of fashion work titled Fay, which I believe she has taken behind the scenes of a Tim Walker shoot, although I cannot be sure because there is no information to be found. The series Fay encompasses these great images:

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Foley, F. (year unknown) Fay [online] available from <;

I particularly like the scrolling view gallery for this body of work. You scroll from right to left. It is still clear that the series is a fashion story, yet its presented in a slightly different way to usual. I have a feeling that this might suit my work, knowing that I will have too many images to choose from for my final fashion stories.  A drawback from this presentation method is that its very similar to a film roll, which works well for Foley as she shoots film stills, but for myself I’m not so sure, this is something I will have to investigate.