First group session feedback/support

A group feedback session is basically support from both your peers and lecturer(s) on how your work is progressing and any advice they can give to help and point you in the right direction. This involves things such as artist research suggestions, ethics behind the work, practical theoretical advice etc.

My personal feedback on January 8th, after showing them where I’m currently up to with my first shoots over Christmas. I told them that I have been struggling to find any evidence to suggest any equine or hunting activity at Coombe, although I know that there is some. Also struggling for any artist research, apart from paintings.

-Look into early photographic maybe-daeggerotypes

-Gainsborough? Paintings? Showing their wealth with commissions

-Any archives of Coombe available, sketches from time period wanted? Look at Herbert History Room/Archives

-Try and find when the stables left Coombe, evidence

-Any archives of before hunting?

-Hogarth paintings

-Am I beginning to take a documentary style? Yes.

-Would be interesting to ask Horse and Hound if they have any archives, how far do they go back of hunting?

Get access to the fashion? Take the fashion away from the hunting environment? Ask to borrow hunting/equine fashion?

-Do I need permission to photograph documentary style at the hunt?

-Possibly find gold frames for final presentation in charity shops