Quorn Hunt History

The Quorn Hunt is my local hunt to my home town, so it is easily accessible to me, furthermore making achieving this project easier. I have been in the Quorn Hunt pony club for as long as I can remember, and have also hunted with the Quorn in the past. I would like to point out now that I am neither for nor against hunting, for some people hunting is simply just about the thrill of galloping across countryside which we otherwise wouldn’t be allowed on. So this fashion story which I am to create is also neither for nor against hunting, its about creating an awareness for the great traditional hunting attire.

“The Quorn Hunt, usually called the Quorn, established in 1696, is one of the world’s oldest fox hunting packs and claims to be the United Kingdom’s most famous hunt. Its country is mostly in Leicestershire, together with some smaller areas of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Despite the abolition of fox hunting intended by the Hunting Act 2004, the Quorn continues to go out on four days of the week during the autumn and winter months.”

“The hunt traces its origins to a pack of foxhounds established in 1696 at Tooley Park, Leicestershire, by the youthful Thomas Boothby (1677–1752).”


Frank Hall Standish with the Quorn Hunt, by John Ferneley, Snr, 1819


George Osbaldeston, Master 1817–1821 and 1823–1827

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