Monthly Archive: February, 2016

Peter Dench

Peter Dench is a British photojournalist who works with advertising, editorial and portrait photography. His work is similar to that of Martin Parr. “Dench says of his work: I’m always looking for humour… Continue reading

Further Fashion Story Development

I met with both of my lecturers for the module recently, we mainly discussed the images and sequencing I have moved forward with for my fashion story since we last met. This image… Continue reading

Martin Parr

Martin Parr is a British, documentary photographer. His work relates to my project through his documentation of the social classes of England, particularly those series documenting high-class Britishness, as seen in his Luxury series. Some images even… Continue reading

One Week before Deadline

I thought I would document of where I’m up to with my project, with only a week left until our deadline!… Friday, 26th Feb I managed to see both lecturers today, Caroline and… Continue reading

Fashion story development

Since our formative feedback last week, I have come pretty far with my fashion story layout. I began to cut the amount of images I had in my ‘maybe riders’ pile down by… Continue reading

The 3 Big Questions!

What do you want to say? Through my fashion stories, I want to pay homage to, and create understanding of the visual, traditional history of equestrian fashion, in particular, hunting attire. Who is… Continue reading

Formative Feedback

Today was a long, but interesting day at Uni as we had group formative feedback. It was nice to see the rest of the groups work up to this point, and it was… Continue reading

Project Proposal Update

­­Coventry University BA (Hons) Photography Creative Digital Practice: 266MC                                                             PROJECT PROPOSAL Student: Olivia Reeds   1.TOPIC / TREATMENT & AUDIENCE   I am particularly interested in fashion and portrait photography, so I have… Continue reading

Horse and Hound Contact

I emailed the magazine editor (Pippa Roome) at Horse and Hound, to see if they had any fox hunting imagery or content archives, and how far back these go. I was hoping to… Continue reading

Shoot- Quorn Hunt 8th February

My aim for this shoot was to really get closer to riders to photograph finer details of the hunting attire such as buttons, gloves, accessories and tack details. I also wanted to capture some… Continue reading