Shoot- Quorn Hunt 8th February

My aim for this shoot was to really get closer to riders to photograph finer details of the hunting attire such as buttons, gloves, accessories and tack details. I also wanted to capture some different perspectives on the hunt spectator.

I’m really pleased to say that I think my last shoot has been my best shoot of the whole project. I achieved what I set out to, and more! I managed to catch the hunt masters before they got on their horses, allowing me to take these great images up close. Considering the weather was awful for this shoot, peeing it down with rain, I had to constantly wipe my lens because silly me forgot my lens cover, I managed well.

If there were to be any draw back to this shoot, I would have liked to get some close up’s of general riders as well, rather than just the hunt masters who wear the scarlet coat in order to break up the dominant colour of red. Although, I am unsure whether this is a bad thing at the moment because the colour red is a well-known association for the Quorn Hunt, as well as many other hunts, so with my personal knowledge this works well, but for an outsider viewer they wouldn’t know this connection.

Favorite images from the shoot:

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