Horse and Hound Contact

I emailed the magazine editor (Pippa Roome) at Horse and Hound, to see if they had any fox hunting imagery or content archives, and how far back these go. I was hoping to find some photography from before 1900 to see what riders and people of the country looked like then, if theres any comparison to be made.

Horse and Hound is a renown country magazine which features recent horse related news, tips and tricks, and you can advertise anything horse related.

Unfortunately as you can see in the image below, Horse and Hound don’t personally hold their archives, although Pippa suggested I had a look at the British Library who hold full archive issues of Horse and Hound dating back to 1884. Again, unfortunately I will not be able to get access to the British Library before our hand in date for this module. I also checked out the library website to see if I could discover anything on there, but no luck. I will be sure to visit the British Library next time I’m in London.


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 10.21.48 AM