Formative Feedback

Today was a long, but interesting day at Uni as we had group formative feedback. It was nice to see the rest of the groups work up to this point, and it was also nice for the group to give each individual critical feedback to help them improve before our deadline… in 2 weeks!

I’m pleased that my general feedback from my group was positive in terms of the physical body of my work.

I had in mind a few questions for the group:

  1. I’m really stuck at cutting the amount of images I have down to become a fashion story of a max 12 images (regarding fashion story research)
  2. Should I keep my two stories I have at the moment?- Spectator fashion and riders fashion
  3. Should I mix these fashions together?

Here are a list of suggestions from the group and lecturers:

-Print contact sheets for people to view and pick their favorites, then I can choose the ones which have been the most popular

-If you question an image for whatever reason, take it out! You can always add it back in later, but helps with quick deductions

-What do you want to say? Who is your audience? How do you want them to feel?

-Does the image tell your audience about equestrian fashion? If not, don’t use it

-Vogue magazine/research may not be a good comparison due to the high end nature, just because it features equestrian fashion, they have been planned and directed shoots, mine have not, mine are more of a documentary style.

-Look at the photographer Martin Parr- middle class Britishness

-Online book/magazine layout, consider this being a physical thing as well- zine

-Consider accordion style book to serrate spectators and riders-one on each side

-Choose the strongest images that tell the story you want to tell!

-Keep linking back to your story!

-Look at Peter Dench


These are all great suggestions for me to consider and look into!