Further Fashion Story Development

I met with both of my lecturers for the module recently, we mainly discussed the images and sequencing I have moved forward with for my fashion story since we last met.

This image is my first narrative sequence for the riders fashion story.




After discussing with Caroline, we played around with the sequencing a bit. This is the second sequence, after moving images around. I’m glad that she was really positive about the images I had chosen to be together, i.e the couples of images to go on double page spreads. But she suggested that I think about the flow of the narrative some more, carefully think about what I’m saying as each double page moves on to the next. We also talked about making my landscape images a double page spread for themselves. This is because if I were to put them on a double page with a portrait image, the landscape would have to be really small to fit on the page and would appear less important. Also, I prefer it when the images bleed to the edge of the page.

Seeing the spectators fashion story next to the riders fashion story, really hit home to me that the riders fashion story is a much stronger body of work. It appears to be more developed, although this wasn’t intended. Therefore, with help of Caroline, I have come to the conclusion to discard the spectators fashion story from my final piece. However this has been a great step and has been a big part of my development of fashion stories, it stands as a good experimentation of narrative making. The spectators fashion story is not strong enough to be a story of its own. Also, its much less visually pleasing in general. The riders fashion story works well due to the vast variation of images, showing close up detail and texture, and further away shots which may set the scene or give the hunt and its people character.




I then saw Gemma, for some more support and feedback. This was interesting as she had a very different take on the narrative sequencing than Caroline and myself had just discussed. She picked out the group of images below as these are all similar to one another, she suggested that I tried to cut these down to around 3/4 images.




This is a picture of the pile that Gemma suggested should definitely be in the final selection and sequence of my riders fashion story.




I have placed these images on my wall, which are potential photographs and sequencing for my fashion story. This way I will be constantly seeing them and can adapt them accordingly.




This is an image to see the two groups together; the left group is a suggested yes pile, the right group is a suggested ‘think more carefully’ about pile, too similar pile.


Although I will definitely consider what Gemma has said, I believe that each image in the selection above has a strong reason for it being there. I don’t feel like I need to take away any more images. The images won’t look similar when I pair them with their partner for the double page spread, and I will be sure to separate the constant colour of red by placing the images with navy as their main colour.


Here is one last look at the images I chose for the spectators fashion story, but will not continue to feature in my final fashion story.

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