One Week before Deadline

I thought I would document of where I’m up to with my project, with only a week left until our deadline!…

Friday, 26th Feb

I managed to see both lecturers today, Caroline and Gemma. This was great as I got pretty different feedback from both of them, they both had different ideas on the visuals of my fashion story. Now I need to go away and take both into account and hurry to create my fashion story booklet, and get it on my website!

Things to take away from tutorial with Caroline:

-Consider gutters when making an image a double page spread!

-Audience need some kind of context. Give it a title and write x3 sentences for intro? Same for ending, thank anyone involved, likable characters, what they’re known for etc.

-Consider printing the final story in a booklet, could be used instead of a business card for this project?

-I’ve been considering the design/layout of story well, thinking about what goes next to one another to create story… but keep going! Keep considering/changing, evidence thoughts

-To add more context, consider small image next to intro and small image next to ending page?


Things to take away from tutorial with Gemma:

-Keep considering the visual rhythm of the story, maybe break up the dominant colour of red. Put the navy images in between, maybe add the photo of back of Woman’s hat- Navy

-Remember I have inside knowledge, so holding onto images because I know they suit the Hunt, or because I know the Hunt master is not great for generic viewers

-Look at the photographer Daniela Rossel. Portraits of upper class in Mexico, you can see the diversity in the images to hold them together as a body of work.

-Lauren Greenfields ‘Fast Forward’

-Maybe some repetition in storyline, some images are quite similar, consider taking a couple out? (Gemma talking from a documentary perspective) Could also solve this by changing image size difference?


To do by 4th March:

Complete blog posts:

-Find more research for fashion stories presentation

-Evidence planning/experimentation of final body of work


Re-read learning objectives for module.

Finish website (get help from Nav on Monday 10am)

Finalize fashion story layout.

Post fashion story on my website.

Write 800 word critical analysis of assignment, using Harvard Reference style.


Although I have quite a bit to finish before the deadline, I feel that I’m in a good place with my final body of work, with just the layout of my story to complete and post in booklet/magazine form on my website.