Lauren Greenfields


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Greenfield, L. Fast Forward Photographs [online] available from <;


This series of work has a distant relation to my project through the documentation of ‘peoples’ need to be upper class, and our culture of materialism. In a way, one could say I am documenting a similar path due to the stereotypical hunt rider, who is usually wealthy and of upper class. Yet this is something not apparent within my story visually, neither is it something that is important, so the audience may not know this.

Again, it seems as though the images could be viewed in any order, however they are placed in a slideshow which suggests that Greenfields’ intended a narrative for the series. The narrative for this series is not easily recognizable, maybe if I did more research into the body of work I would understand. This will be different for my fashion story, no prior research will be needed other than the introduction given. The narrative of the story will be clear, and i’m sure the audience will understand why I put images in the sequence they are.