Equestrian Fashion Story Intro and End

Most fashion stories have a title, maybe a small introduction and have small captions for each image telling the viewer where the fashion came from etc in order to advertise. I am not advertising the equestrian fashion to be sold therefore I don’t need to caption every image. I think its important to have a title for my story though and an introduction to give the viewers some context. The title should be general and to the point, this is why I have simply titled my story ‘Equestrian Fashion’, this is obvious what the story will be about.

First introduction page designs:

I’ve decided to not go with this layout of two images on a double page as well as a title, and where would be an introduction. There is too much going on, its too complicated and doesn’t look good enough for a fashion story.


The introduction is an extra alongside the title, which is needed to put the story within a context. Within my introduction I wanted to give a short, general overview of hunting attire. I began brainstorming for this by starting with keywords that I think should be included such as: tradition, practicality, history, classic style, timeless and class. I then made sentences out of these important terms.

This is my introduction:

“The tradition of the hunting attire is one to admire. It’s classic style, with a timeless appeal, and of highest quality has been worn for hundreds of years. Practicality is an important aspect of the fashion, the scarlet coats are weatherproof and the stock tie can serve as bandage for man, horse of hound in the case of an accident.”

Usually, the photographer and stylist and similar smaller details are featured at the beginning of a story, hence why I have mentioned myself as the photographer. This is also a good idea to do if my story happens to go widespread, people will know who owns it.

I chose this image as my introduction page because I think it is great to introduce the fashion of hunting, its a general overview which sets the scene of more detail to come within the story. Its also a nice image to show hunting as a community and the character within that, it may serve to give a different viewpoint for some people on the sport of hunting (although this is not an intention)

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.43.11 PM

I found inspiration for the introduction page to my story from here:




I have also created an ending page to my story, which is not similar to other fashion stories I’ve research but I think it is needed for a small thank you to those people involved. Its also an opportunity for me to include this image which doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere else, but works nicely as an ending. Quorn Hunt audience will particularly like this ending as it features the Hunt master Peter Collins, and I have written a very short, nice piece of text:

“Taken whilst following the Quorn Hunt, with many thanks to all that have been involved with Equestrian Fashion, especially those pictured within the story. Quern Hunt is renown for being one of the original famous hunts in the United Kingdom. Huntsman Peter Collins and whipper-in Elliott Stokes show fine examples of the traditional, timeless attire one expects.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.39.39 PM


For the design of the final page to my story, I have put the image on the left and the text on the right, this is different to the introduction page, this shows a closed ending to my story.