Final Equestrian Fashion Story

Introduction Page

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I have allowed for a blank page here, showing the beginning of the story, and this image works best on its own. As with my introduction page I have already set the scene, this is a good first image to begin showing the hunting fashion. The horn is featured here which is a very important accessory to the hunt master, I cropped the image slightly from its original to make the eye drawn to this horn.

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Here I have progressed the narrative from the front of the jacket, to the back of the jacket, and to the front again showing different viewpoints but they’re all varied in their own, strong way. The image on the right of the page is a great image of the scarlet hunting coat worn by important people in the hunt. I’ve managed to capture Peter’s character here which adds more interest to the story.

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The story again has progressed to the back of the coat, showing much more detail. These buttons are an important tradition in history, buttons like these are only awarded to special people. The QH stands for Quorn Hunt, each Hunt has different gold buttons.

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I’ve now moved the story onto something else. Another important aspect of the hunt is the meet, riders are offered port at the meet. This is a historical tradition. There is so much character in the man featured in the left image, his attire is quite different and quirky compared to what the usual rider wears, yet he is still classic and smart. The colours are bold and bright which look great, the sky stands out well against the scarlet coat.

I’ve chosen the image on the right to be placed here because although they’re both showing a similar thing, the right image is a close, more detailed shot. I have horizontally flipped the image so that the jacket lies on the outer edge, before editing the jacket was on the left, in the middle of the image, which made the double page spread as a whole look messy.

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This image shows a different perspective of the hunt; the horses, who are a huge part of the sport. Fashion details are still captured in the image, but the main focus is on the horse who is looking pristine and turned out well, as one expects when attending a hunt. This double page spread is placed here between two pages featuring the dominant colour of red, the fact that there is no red in this image helps to break this up so that the viewer is not drowned with the colour red.

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A medium shot of the back of the scarlet coat, showing the gentlemen’s boots, with a closer more detailed shot of the boots on the right.

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This is an important accessory at a hunt meet, this man collects the ‘caps’ which is the money that riders have to pay for participating in the hunt.

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I chose to put these images together on a double page because the left image features a medium shot of the hunting crop, and the right is a close up of this, also showing texture in the traditional white gloves. I like this pattern of showing a medium shot next to a close up, detailed image.

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Again, this is placed here to break up the dominance of the colour red. It was important to me that this image featured in my story because it is a modern example of the traditional and classical ladies side saddle attire. The detail of the splashing of mud on both horse and rider adds more interest and completes the image with love and character.

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The left image is a great example of the atmosphere at a hunt and the character of the hunt master and whipper-in. This image also shows a nice overview of the traditional, whole hunting outfit. Something which draws my eye in this image is the white glove on the man to the right, which is why I have placed a close up of this on the right page.

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This image was chosen as my end to the story because in a way, its a nice goodbye. I started the story with a general overview, setting the scene, and I am ending the story with similar by showing the whole fashion style of the sport. I know that people involved in Quorn Hunt will particularly like this image because the hunt master is a popular gentleman, although I know that most of my audience will not know this, but they will appreciate the visually pleasing photograph.

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As part of my online fashion booklet, I have enabled the option of showing the thumbnails below the story because I think it shows a nice progression of the narrative as the viewer flicks through.

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