Practice Fashion Stories

As part of this module, we have to put our final piece online. We are to make our own websites to showcase this.

The best place for my fashion story is to be placed online anyway, it will be placed on my new website in a booklet style fashion, similar to a magazine look book story.

I first decided that the best place for my fashion story is to be online when researching into the way other fashion stories have been presented. As our modern world moves forward, we are more and more digitally advanced so everything is online today. Fashion stories can be seen in magazines and online. I do not want to create my own physical book or magazine at this point so I feel that an online version of a fashion story, in the design of a magazine will work best. Also, this makes it more easily accessible for a wide audience, whilst keeping in mind a special audience consisting of the people involved within my equestrian fashion story, the people featured in my photographs from Quorn Hunt. It was particularly nice that these people enjoyed having their photographs taken, so I’m hoping that they will enjoy viewing this story in return. I think its something that will make them consider and remember the true traditions of the classic hunting attire.


Knowing that I couldn’t use the flip book builder I originally wanted for my fashion story, I had to start looking on WordPress to use their free plug-ins for booklets/photo galleries/ look books. I first came across ‘Photo Book Gallery’. Its worth noting that we have been taught to be careful when choosing plug-ins for our website. We have to consider the date it was last updated, the amount of downloads its had, the ratings and if any support is available from them. I chose ‘Photo Book Gallery’ because all of these things looked good, so did the demo. I uploaded some images to the gallery to see what it looked like, it looked ugly! Not what I was hoping my fashion story to look like. It looked very amateur and very dissimilar to other fashion stories I have been taking inspiration from, such as those I’ve blogged about from Vogue magazine. The pages did not fold like a magazine, instead they kind of just slid along and disappeared.

After coming to the conclusion that I was definitely not going to use ‘Photo Book Gallery’ to present my stories, I had to look for other plug-ins. I came across ‘WP Booklet’ which is the plug-in I am using for my final Equestrian Fashion story. The pages turn nicely similar to a magazine, nice small arrows are included (not big ugly arrows) to show that the pages turn and the booklet in general is very adaptable. You can only add one image to each page, so for the landscape double page spread images I had to crop them in half and post them like this. An option is given to choose the amount of padding on pages, I chose 0 so that there is no gutter in the middle of my images.

A problem I continually battled with was the size of my booklet. I had to get the booklet just the right size to fit both landscape images and portrait images in. I had to make all my images the same size on Photoshop. They are all 600x900pixels. I also had to make my images compatible with web, considering they will go on my website I don’t want the size of them to slow down my website speed. I also don’t want people to steal my images so having lower res images will help prevent this.