Phonar Task 4

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Complete the assignment again, this time using video or audio instead of still image:

-Make something happy, seem sad.

I made an ice cream van (which is happy, who doesn’t love ice cream?!), seem sad…


Critical Rationale:

This task, and my prior knowledge learnt during our phonar classes encouraged me to think more carefully about how I could portray the ice cream van in a sad way, thinking about whether it will be much different to still image, in which you should think about light, viewpoint, composition and emotion.

I used a hyper lapse video as I knew the feeling of it would help to make the ice cream van seem lonely, as many people are seen walking past and not paying attention to the ice cream, the feeling of sadness is heightened by the volume of people walking past at speed. It makes it seem as though the ice cream van has been there forever and no-one has bought any which is what conveys the feeling of sadness. At first I created a short eight second hyper lapse, but decided that was too short and not enough time to make the viewer see and feel the idea of sadness, so I went back and re-shot the video for a longer length of time. This was crucial for the viewer in order for them to grasp my intentions of the video.

During creation, it was important to not just focus on the people walking past to make the ice cream van seem sad as I had learnt in our making workshops that an image should not necessarily be focused upon the acting, and we definitely don’t want to see bad acting to tell our story. So I have used a darkened filter and a mid, hip height viewpoint in order to add to the sad emotion, which I then enforced even more by using a very sad audio track. There are many similarities between still image and video, for instance I’ve focused on the use of composition, viewpoint and light to tell my story of emotion, yet with video there is the advantage of sound to enforce your idea.

As always, if I had more time I would have created this video using a video camera rather than my phone as the quality suffers quite a bit.

The ideas from this task, and the making workshop will always stick with me as a photographer, I will always question the use of an actor and stay away from bad acting to tell my story through images, instead I will consider how I can tell it through the use of viewpoint, light, emotion and composition.