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Presentation of Final Images

As mentioned before I have decided that I will present my final images as flash cards in a box. I will still present them this way even though the prints have turned out… Continue reading

The adultlike child and the childlike adult BOOK

The adultlike child and the childlike adults: socialisation in an electronic age Meyrowitz, Joshua Daedalus, Summer, 1984, Vol.113, p.19(29) This book is amazing! Just what i’ve been looking for all along! It says… Continue reading

Darkroom Day 2

Again i’ve spent the WHOLE day today in the darkroom. The day started off well. Having completed printing the images I like from all my contact sheets yesterday, I was able to choose… Continue reading

Darkroom Day 1

I have printed each of these highlighted images in order for me to see them bigger, to know what I’m working with, and to eventually pick final images from. There were a lot… Continue reading

Analogue shoots

I would like to replicate similar images to these in my shoots (found on google):   I also went through my family albums at home to find childhood photographs to not only inspire… Continue reading

Bandura – Social Learning Theory

“In social learning theory Albert Bandura (1977) states behavior is learned from the environment through the process of observational learning.” this evidences what I have said before about how highly influenced children can… Continue reading

Adults dressing younger than they are

A big aspect I think of adults acting childish, is when they dress like their children. Sometimes they can get away with it and look stylish, but then other times it just looks… Continue reading

Emotional Maturity

There are some adults out there who don’t necessarily act childish or immature on purpose. “Most immature adult behavior reflects a lack of mature parenting and other childhood disappointments. The consequences are most… Continue reading

Assignment 1 Photographers research

After finally coming up with a final plan/ title of the assignment, the first photographer who came to mind was Martin Parr. Parr is famously known for his humorous, exaggerated and sometimes grotesque… Continue reading

Book Research

As part of my review with my lecturer, he suggested that I read the book Identity: a reader.  This book explores a variety of different theories, by many different theorists, who consider identity… Continue reading