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Phonar Task 5

Tweet     2. Portrait of author posted on Instagram: 3. Image made in the style of author posted on Instagram:   4. Completed task:               5.… Continue reading

Phonar Task 4

  Complete the assignment again, this time using video or audio instead of still image: -Make something happy, seem sad. I made an ice cream van (which is happy, who doesn’t love ice cream?!),… Continue reading

Phonar Task 3

Tweet:   2. Visual portrait of Author, posted on Instagram: 3. Image you have made in Author’s ‘style’, posted on Instagram: 4. Complete the assignment: Images taken with left eye open (least dominant… Continue reading

Phonar Task 2

For Phonar, task two,  we must develop on a task which we have completed with the Phonar class as part of the ‘finding’ workshop. I have chosen to continue developing Christine Shank’s task,… Continue reading

Phonar Task 1

Step 1. Read Playbook assignment thoroughly, summarize it in a tweet focusing on the key elements. Think about how you could explain it to someone/another photographer who hasn’t read it. Be creative, no… Continue reading