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Improvements on module 152MC

When discussing with my lecturer at the end of my last module: 152MC, about my grading and how the assignment went in general, I was given some food for thought. It was proposed… Continue reading

Negotiating access

As part of my summer work set by uni, I was asked to make two new portraits. One portrait of someone I know and one portrait of someone I have never met before.… Continue reading

Nottingham Contemporary Exhibition Review

Photography Exhibition Review The small collections room within Nottingham Contemporary ¬†has been transformed into a three dimensional travelogue. Amsterdam based artist Jacqueline Bebb exhibits her work: ‘Then, if you are lucky, even you… Continue reading

Shirley Baker Exhibition Review

Shirley Baker ‘Women, Children and Loitering Men’ is an exhibition I visited within the Photographers Gallery, curated by Anna Douglas, promoting the work of well known street photographer Shirley Baker. She started the… Continue reading

Assignment 2 Initial ideas

As the topics available to choose from for this assignment are so broad, I thought the best way to begin to think about ideas was to do a mind map (as seen below).… Continue reading

ASSIGNMENT 2. Creative Digital Practice. 151MC.

This assignment is to consist of a portfolio of a digital photographic body of work, supported by research. Worth 60% ¬†Assignment topics: Ageing population International Culture in the UK Rural Life Agriculture City… Continue reading

200 word line of enquiry workshop

“You will prepare a short illustrated talk that investigates the working practices of your given practitioner in relation to a particular theme.” So out of the hat I happened to pick the photographer… Continue reading