One to One Review Progress

After talking to Matt (my primary lecturer) it was highlighted to me that I clearly haven’t done enough research so far. I need to think about the effect of the subject i’m exploring… Continue reading

Assignment 1 Visuals

Assignment final idea= How strangely, adults are becoming more like children and vice versus. I am going to experiment into exaggerating how adults can act like children, and children try to act like… Continue reading

Examples of childish behaviour

I found a couple of videos online which illustrate in a humorous way adults acting like children. Its exaggerated in a similar way in which I would like to photograph my assignment. Instead… Continue reading

Assignment 1 Research

I came across this article online when researching the roles of adults and why they sometimes act childish. The article is about the social roles and norms in our society which I think… Continue reading

Assignment 1 New Idea!

Looking back at my initial plans and ideas for the assignment, I became interested in the relationship theme. This probably came to mind because I was thinking about something which could be easily… Continue reading

Assignment 1 ideas taken further

With a good idea for the assignment in mind, I began to research into the way women feel pressured into dying their hair. Of course I came across many blogs written by women… Continue reading

Initial ideas for Assignment 1

Exciting… our first photograph taking assignment! Assignment 1-  which has been titled: Encountering Culture “Are you in harmony or conflict within your social structure?” Through a set of ten photographic pieces, we should examine… Continue reading

Jason Tilley Exhibition Review

Jason Scott Tilley’ touching series on ‘People of India’ is an exhibition made up of three distinctive bodies of work; ‘The beautiful People’, ‘The people of India publication’ and ‘The photographic archive of… Continue reading

What is art?!

THIS WAS BY FAR THE BEST, FUNNIEST, ARGUMENTATIVE, INTERESTING AND INVOLVED SEMINAR WE’VE HAD SO FAR. I just loved it. From the arguments about whether a toilet can be classed as art when… Continue reading

Homage to a precious object

This is another sketchbook task we were set in the first couple of weeks at university. We were asked to produced a series of images which pay homage to a precious object we… Continue reading