Summer Task- Letter to self

During the summer, I was asked to complete the second task of writing a letter to myself. Even with the help and guidelines given, I still had no idea where to begin. One… Continue reading

Summer Task- Visual Diary

Before beginning university in September, we were set a couple of summer tasks. The visual diary being one of them. We weren’t really told what to do with this other than to photograph… Continue reading

Darkroom workshops and initial practicing

So, my first week at Coventry University (scary!) was packed with workshops introducing us to all the equipment on offer. The week was mainly taken up with film/darkroom workshops as our following assignments… Continue reading

What is a Portrait?

What is a Portrait notes: It depicts a person Captures the ‘essence’ Can represent a person Can be staged or not (natural) Doesn’t have to be a person, for example it could be… Continue reading

What is a Photograph?

What is a photograph discussion A photograph has certain characteristics that we all know of: It has edges Its flat so 2D Its a still image Its an artefact It is a truth… Continue reading

Group feedback/critique on 200 word line of enquiry

After reading my enquiry to the class, we came to the conclusion that I was asking too much of a 10 minute presentation. I need to cut my thoughts and questions down to… Continue reading

200 word line of enquiry workshop

“You will prepare a short illustrated talk that investigates the working practices of your given practitioner in relation to a particular theme.” So out of the hat I happened to pick the photographer… Continue reading

“Brand-New Topographics”

For this first university task, I was asked to take photographs in certain given areas around the centre of Coventry which would somehow link to well-known¬†photographers through the use of their¬†given quotes. Firstly,… Continue reading