Martin Schoeller

I found the photographer Martin Schoeller on the ‘Ace Gallery’ website, along with the photographer Braschler/ Fischer. The website is an International artists management agency, who represent photographers who are ever present in the visual world.

I am particularly interested in Martin Schoeller’s ‘Identical’, portraits of twins series, “which is a fascinating exploration of the question of uniqueness. Looking into the portraits of faces of identical twins gives you a feeling of uneasiness. Here nature has produced perfect replication, the kind that links natural technology, human technology, and science fiction. The strange resemblance of identical twins brings to mind so many unanswered questions.” (Abramović)


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Martin Schoeller Photography

Schoeller has influenced me in reinforcing my desire for my photographs to be almost identical to one another. He has made sure that each models expression is the same, the framing is the same, they’re wearing the same clothes and the lighting is exact, from my experience this is hard to do and I admire him for this. I will be inspired by Schoeller’s expertise when taking my last photographs.


Abramović, M (2013) [online] available from [2nd March 2015]

Harcourt, G (2013) Martin Schoeller: Identical [online] available from [2nd March 2015]




So the other photographer as mentioned in my introduction: Braschler/ Fischer influences me in a similar way, visually. The team created the series ‘Faces of Football’ which is an astounding, bold study of work. It encounters close-ups of 30 of the most important footballers, which they produced in collaboration with Fifa. I really like the bold contrast between the black and white, It makes the series so visually eye catching and exciting (not to mention the famous footballers).

From this body of work, I will again be taking away the desire for my photographs to be almost identical to one another, the same way they are presented here in ‘Faces of Football’.


Braschler/ Fischer [online] available from [3rd March 2015]